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Covid-19 special edition of the Global Consumer Trends report
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This dashboard allows you to track weekly trends across countries surveyed for the Covid-19 special report of the Global Consumer Trends report. It comes as a complement to our pre-existing Overview Dashboard”,  which will remain active.
To navigate this dashboard, please use the tabs found on the top right hand corner, which correspond to the following themes/questions:
  • A3.   Optimism about one’s financial situation.
  • Q1.   Naming: Coronavirus or COVID-19?
  • Q2.   How worried are people about a series of items?
  • Q3.   Changes in personal behaviour since the outbreak.
  • Q5.   What have people done as a result of the pandemic outbreak?
  • Q7.    Agreement Vs statements other people have made in light of the outbreak.
  • Q9a.   Sources people are receiving information from about the outbreak.
  • Q9b.   Trust about these sources of information.
  • Q9c.   Should companies be thinking about the pandemic when they are advertising or marketing?
  • Q10.  When do people think the outbreak will be over?
  • Q6. Do you personally wear a mask outside the home?
  • Q13a. Satisfaction with government handling of the pandemic to date
  • Q13b. Confidence in local government managing pandemic to a successful conclusion
  • Q13c.  Performance rating of the President's/Prime Minister's handling of pandemic
  • Q13d. US Only - Satisfaction levels with local government handling of the pandemic to date
  • Q13e. US Only - Confidence in local government managing pandemic to a successful conclusion
  • Q13f. US Only - Performance rating of the Governor's handling of pandemic
  • Q13g. Your country performance in handling of pandemic vs. other countries
  • Q17.   Future plans for travelling by plane
  • Q18.   Future holiday plans
  • Q19.   Behavioural changes post lockdown
  • Q34.   Second Wave
  • Q35.   Returning to Work Feelings
  • Q36.   Mental Well-bring
  • Q37.   Kids,Vacation, and Social Distancing
  • Q41.   Changes in media useage
To allow closer analysis of content of interest you can use the global filters in the right hand pane to filter all content by country or wave . You can also filter at chart level by clicking on the square of the legend on the left of the week you wish to eliminate to remove the specified week from the chart.
Additional notes:
  • We started collecting data for Q9c on the week commencing March 23rd, and decided to do so for two weeks.
  • We collected data in Ireland on the weeks commencing March 16th and March 23rd and decided to stop after that.
  • You can review the demographics of the respondents surveyed below.
We hope you will find this new dashboard relevant and useful. Do not hesitate to contact us contact us if you are interested in receiving the full data files.